To celebrate the new year the SP&S Railway Historical Society is offering a 25% off sale on the back issues of our history journal “The Northwest’s Own Railway” (TNOR) as well as the seven volumes of the history of SP&S steam locomotives authored by Ed Austin.
The 25% off price of the TNOR’s is based on the cover price and the steam books are $7.50 each. Shipping costs are additional.
This special offer is only valid for orders placed in January 2023 and you can check now for availability but actual shipping will not take place until January.
For availability please contact Harold Gjerman at:

The Spokane, Portland & Seattle Historical Society is pleased to announce the availability of an exclusive Bowser RS-3 locomotive number, SP&S 96, in the Red Oxide roof scheme, delivery expected with Bowser’s next production run in early 2023.

Cab #96 DC version $209.95, members’ price $167.95

Cab #96 with DCC/sound, $309.95, members’ price $247.95
plus shipping

Pre-orders for Cab #96 exclusively via email to ; deadline May 31, 2022

Visit Bowser’s website for model details and illustration

The 2023 SP&SRHS Convention will be held in Vancouver, Washington. More details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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