Articles in Magazines

Western Society of Engineers March 1912 The Celilo Bridge by Ralph Modjeski
Oregon Historical Quarterly Vol. 15, No. 4 December 1914
History of Astoria Railroad by Leslie M. Scott

SP&S Brochure 1916

Along the Columbia river to the Sea

Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. 14, No.1 January 1923
The Spokane Portland and Seattle Railroad Company by L.C. Gilman
Railroad Magazine July 1938 Old Days in the Northwest by "Round Trip" Cady
Railroad Magazine March 1939 Locomotives of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle R.R. [roster]
Trains Magazine August 1944
Up the Columbia on the SP&S by Victor H. White
Trains Magazine February 1950 Photo Section - One Road, Two Owners
Railroad Magazine November 1952
Pride of the Northwest - SP&S by Richard L. Neuberger
Modern Railroads Magazine May 1953
Rehabilitation of the SP&S
Railroad Magazine September 1954 Operation Big Lift by Diane and Riley Dunann
Trains Magazine March 1960 SP&S Story - 1 by Donald Sims
Trains Magazine April 1960 SP&S Story - 2 by Donald Sims
Railroad Model Craftsman December 1960 S.P. & S. Snow Dozer by Sharpe Delaney
Model Railroader November 1962 It's a flat! It's a Gon! It's a plow! (modeling SP&S 31805) by Don Sims
Railroad Model Craftsman April 1967 Budd Company Dome Sleeper/Dome Coach drawn by Larry Jackman
Pacific News 78 April 1968
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway Century -636
Extra 2200 South April 1969
SP&S Diesel Roster by Joe Brockmeyer et al
Railroad Model Craftsman March 1970 GN - SP&S - CB&Q 4 -7-1-3 Sleeper drawn by George A. Trager
Railroad Model Craftsman April 1971 Spokane, Portland & Seattle Part 1 by Jim Boyd
Railroad Model Craftsman May 1971 Spokane, Portland & Seattle Part 2 by Jim Boyd
Railroad Modeler October 1973 The Northwest's Own Railroad, the S, P & S by David Lustig
Northwestern Prototype Modeler January 1976 History of SP&S Flat Cars by Todd Sullivan
Railroad Model Craftsman May 1976 Easily-kitbashed wood chip cars by Noel Holley
Northwestern Prototype Modeler July 1976 SP&S: An Early Diesel Paint Scheme by James L. Jablonowski
Northwestern Prototype Modeler January 1977 Q&A Depot Colors by Todd Sullivan
Model Railroader April 1977 Modeling a Veneer Car by Thomas Lawrence
Rail Classics November 1977 SP&S Meant Alco by Donald Sims
Railroad Modeler November 1977 The Unspoiled Image [Wishram] by Don Sims
Locomotive Quarterly Summer 1978 SP&S - Where GN and NP Meet by Jack W. Farrell
Prototype Modeler February 1979 Spokane, Portland & Seattle Diner "Willamette" by Kenneth Van Wormer
Railway Quarterly Summer 1979 The Northwest's Own Railroad
Prototype Modeler April 1980 The Northwest's Own Geeps by Bob Willer
Railroad Model Craftsman April 1980
Spokane, Portland & Seattle 40-foot steel box car by Randy Wilson
Prototype Modeler February 1981
Great Northern O-1 2-8-2 to a Spokane, Portland & Seattle O-1 by Skip Caswell
Trains Magazine August 1981 1:58 a.m. at Wishram by Wayne Depperman
Prototype Modeler February 1982
Kit-Bashed SP&S Bay Window Caboose by Skip Caswell
Railroad Model Craftsman January 1985 The Century series: C636 drawn by Win Cuisinier
Railroad Model Craftsman March 1985 The Century series: C415 drawn by Win Cuisinier
Mainline Modeler August 1985 SP&S C-636 Painting Guide by Eric Hirsimaki
Railroad Model Craftsman September 1985 The Century series: C425 drawn by Win Cuisinier
Mainline Modeler April 1986 ALCO RS3: Phase 3 by John Nelsen
Mainline Modeler November 1986 SP&S Flat Car An Early Fabricated Car by Ed Austin & Robert L. Hundman
Mainline Modeler December 1986 Northern Pacific, BN and SP&S Modern Cabooses 10400 - 10424 by Robert L. Hundman
Railroad Model Craftsman July 1987 Protofile:45 Spokane, Portland & Seattle Ry. SW9 by Doug Nuckles
Mainline Modeler October 1987 SP&S MofW Equipment "Shade Tree Mechanic" Design by J.W. Mathews
Prototype Modeler January 1988 
Spokane, Portland & Seattle C425 by Doug Nuckles
Model Railroader March 1988 Spokane, Portland & Seattle yellow and green by Norb Novak
Model Railroading May 1988 USRA Double-Sheathed 40-Foot Box Cars by Richard Hendrickson
Model Railroading November 1988 Side-Dump Hoppers, Part II
Mainline Modeler November 1989 SP&S F Units by John Ryczkowski
Mainline Modeler March 1992 Steam Wrecker (SP&S X-5) by Noel T. Holley
Mainline Modeler May 1995  Great Northern 50' Box Car (SP&S 14000) by Staffan Ehnbom
Railroad Model Craftsman August 1995 Detailing an SP&S C425 by Jonathan Reynolds
Mainline Modeler June 1996 Celilo by Eric Nelson
Model Railroading October 1996 Spokane. Portland and Seattle (SP&S) RS3 by Rich Picariello
Mainline Modeler January 1997 SP&S Passenger Cars (Part 1) by Clive Carter
Mainline Modeler February 1997 SP&S Passenger Cars (Part 2) by Clive Carter
Mainline Modeler May 1997 BN Woodchip Fleet by Clive Carter
Mainline Modeler June 1997 SP&S Tank Cars by Ed Austin

Mainline Modeler September 1997

SP&S 40' Steel Box Cars by Ed Austin
Railfan & Railroad September 1997 Marshall Canyon by Bruce Kelly
Mainline Modeler December 1997 Box Cars of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway by Ed Austin
Trains Magazine June 1998 Roosevelt Requiem for a Train-Order Station by Wayne Depperman
Trains Magazine August 1998 Ten Years On by Bruce Kelly
Mainline Modeler September 1998 SP&S Log Cars by Ed Austin
Diesel Era March/April 1999 Spokane, Portland & Seattle (BN) Century 636s by Paul K. Withers
Vintage Rails September/October 1999
Oregon Trunk Mixed a rarity in 1970 by George H. Drury
Trains Magazine November 1999 Sneaking in the Back Door by Kevin P. Keefe
Railmodel Journal January 2000 40-Foot AAR 50-Ton Box Cars with 4/4 Improved Ends by Ed Hawkins
Mainline Modeler June 2000 Gondolas & Hoppers of the SP&S by Ed Austin
Model Railroading March/April 2001 Spokane, Portland & Seattle FA1/FB1 by Rich Picariello
Diesel Era January/February 2002 Spokane, Portland & Seattle's Century 424s and 425s by DE Staff
Model Railroader July 2002 Alco's C-415: last of the center cabs by Paul Schmidt
Mainline Modeler January 2003 SP&S E and F Units by George Hardy, Jr. with Lee Yeager
Trains Magazine March 2003 Wishram, Washington, SP&S division point: 1969 by Paul Schmidt
Classic Trains Spring 2003 The Way it was: One day in March [1967] by David Lustig
Railmodel Journal June 2003 Baldwin "Light" 2-8-0 Consolidations by Robert Schleicher
Mainline Modeler November 2003 ACF Gondola (SP&S 23000) by James Kinkaid
Railmodel Journal January 2004 Hart 70-Ton Convertible Ballast Cars, Part III by Richard Hendrickson
Mainline Modeler May 2004 Flat Cars, Spokane, Portland & Seattle (Part 1) by Ed Austin
Mainline Modeler June 2004 Flat Cars, Spokane, Portland & Seattle (Part 2) by Ed Austin
Model Railroading June 2004 S-1 ALCO's First Standard Switcher by George Melvin
Diesel Era July/August 2004 The VO-1000 (Part 9) by Paul K. Withers
Mainline Modeler October 2004 Alco Locomotives, SP&S Railway (Part 1) by George Hardy
Mainline Modeler November 2004 Alco Locomotives, SP&S Railway (Part 2), by George Hardy
Railroad History Fall-Winter 2005 Fighting Cars with Buses by Douglas V. Shaw and Mark Reutter
Motor Coach Age January-March 2006 SP&S (Transportation Co.) by Eli Bail
Railroad Model Craftsman April 2006 Two Friends, Two Bulkhead Flats (SP&S 35000) by Dave Lehlbach
Total = 88